Public Meetings on Zoom

To register, click below. Thursday November 19th, 7pm: Meet Ben – finished! Tuesday November 24th, 7pm: Meet Ben – finished! The “Meet Ben” events are organized by the Campaign to Elect Ben Maartman – local residents who know a good man when we see one. We are Marshall Soules, Kelly Daniels, Pamela Walker, Ross Shepherd,Continue reading “Public Meetings on Zoom”

Community Service: Paramedics without Borders

In 2007, I was the Director of Projects for the BC Ambulance Service. In this role I had a chance to explore the evolution of the paramedic profession with others from North America, Australia, and New Zealand. I also had previous exposure as an instructor to Malaysia and Hong Kong systems. I had a visionContinue reading “Community Service: Paramedics without Borders”

Michael Lake: Community Stewardship

Every five years, the Ministry of Environment asks permission to access Michael Lake from our property. Each time they visit, I receive an update on the health of the lake. It’s not good news – the lake is gradually collecting sediment and getting shallower. The lake is slowly dying.  Meanwhile, the farms on the lakeContinue reading “Michael Lake: Community Stewardship”

Development: Improving on a Good Thing?

Before we moved to Yellow Point, my partner Jan and I lived in Nanoose Bay for almost 30 years. We were attracted to Yellow Point because it had the same feel as Nanoose in the 1970s. Prior to the Fairwinds Golf Course and subsequent development, Nanoose was similar to Area H – most of theContinue reading “Development: Improving on a Good Thing?”

Blacksmithing: Forging the Generations

I have always been fascinated with blacksmithing. When we moved to the farm on Michael Lake, I had a chance to pursue this ancient craft, joining the Vancouver Island Blacksmith Club and creating my own forge. The forge developed slowly: it takes years to find all the components needed in any decent forge.  When IContinue reading “Blacksmithing: Forging the Generations”