Development: Improving on a Good Thing?

Before we moved to Yellow Point, my partner Jan and I lived in Nanoose Bay for almost 30 years. We were attracted to Yellow Point because it had the same feel as Nanoose in the 1970s. Prior to the Fairwinds Golf Course and subsequent development, Nanoose was similar to Area H – most of the people lived along the waterfront, and there were miles of forest and trails, dotted with untouched lakes that were later to become reservoirs for the development of the 80s and 90s. 

Personally, I would like Area H to maintain the same feel of forests, lakes, walking trails, farms, homes on five to ten acre parcels, and smaller size properties along the water. Yes, the status quo would be my perfect world. Maybe that’s a bit utopian, but it’s important to have a vision for the future.

Many of the residents who came out to the first steps in the renewal of the CVRD’s Official Community Plan (OCP) seemed to favour the status quo. But I also believe that it’s an elected official’s job to listen to members of the community, and to respect and honour the direction they want in the new OCP. There may be sensible initiatives for clustered housing – where and what should be part of the new OCP. I’m not against development, just cautious in the knowledge that what is allowed for one person often must be offered to all.

Currently, in Saanich, there’s a woman who had a popular roadside stand where she sold her home-made jams. Saanich received a complaint that her stand contravened a bylaw, so they closed it down despite huge support from many of her neighbours. Just recently, that ruling was overturned, since COVID-19 is changing our attitudes, teaching us to be more accepting of local enterprises that support the surrounding community.

Ben and Jan with their horse Teagan and one of their Hereford cows
Area H and Ladysmith from Space

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