About Ben

Ben is a long-time resident of Area H. He lives on Michael Road in Yellow Point, where he operates Soggy Bottom Farm, raising Hereford Cattle, and Michael Lake Kennels. He is married to Jan, and they have two children.

He worked for 36 years as a paramedic (1980-2016). During that time, he was also an Instructor with the Justice Institute of BC (1998-2016); a Director of BC Emergency Health Services (2005-2009); and a Director/Manager for interprovincial labour mobility for paramedics (2009-2019). He has a BSc in Physiology from Queens/UBC, and an MBA from Royal Roads University.

Here he is, speaking for himself:

Some Endorsements:

“We endorse Ben Maartman for Area H Director. Ben stands for strong communities, keeping taxes low, and protecting what we have. Ben will make a great advocate for our Area.”Mary and Barry Marcotte (Mary is our former CVRD Director for Area H. Barry, her husband, is an electrician and commercial fisherman)

“I’ve known Ben since we bought our farm in 2006. He’s always impressed me with his quiet confidence as well as his quick mind and wit. This must be from his paramedic training. I admire him. I trust him. I’m voting for him” – Pamela Walker, Yellow Point Blues (retired)

“Ben Maartman has a real sense of what community means. He values the qualities of rural living and he is the type of neighbour who most people would like to have. He is always just a phone call away!”Erica Defrane, Owner Steld U-Pick Blueberry Farm

“I am supporting Ben for our Area Director because he has the qualities, drive and dedication that will serve our community well.”   – Kelly Daniels, Retired Chief Administrative Officer for the Regional District of Nanaimo and the Capital Regional District for 20 years.

“I’ve known Ben for several years. Not only does he grasp issues quickly, but he’s always willing to look at both sides. I believe this would make him a good representative for our area.” – Rick St. Denis, Owner, Sawmills Sales Direct

“I want Ben to be our new Regional Director because he comes from a place of compassion, he cares about community, and he wants to protect Nature.”   – Guy Dauncey, President, Yellow Point Ecological Society

Ben with fellow members of the Yellow Point Men’s Bookclub. Thanks to John Anderson (front and middle) for this and other photos.

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