Ben Maartman

The people, farms, forests and wildlife of the Yellow Point, Diamond, and Brenton Page area are deeply important to me. 

I want to help my community – my neighbours – find a way to the future that we collectively want. 

Tuesday December 1st: Ben Won! By just 8 votes. Here are the Official Results.


Ten Reasons Why I am Voting for Ben Maartman

The Purple Martin returns here during the summer, and breeds in Ladysmith Harbour. Its success is a great story of resilience and recovery, aided by community effort. That’s why Ben has chosen it as the symbol of his campaign. 

Why We Support Ben

“We endorse Ben Maartman for Area H Director. Ben stands for strong communities, keeping taxes low, and protecting what we have. Ben will make a great advocate for our Area.”

Mary and Barry Marcotte. Mary is our former CVRD Director for Area H. Her husband Barry is an electrician and commercial fisherman.

“I’ve known Ben for several years. Not only does he grasp issues quickly, but he’s always willing to look at both sides. I believe this would make him a good representative for our area.”

 Rick St. Denis, Owner, Sawmill Sales Direct

“I’ve known Ben since we bought our farm in 2006. He’s always impressed me with his quiet confidence as well as his quick mind and wit. This must be from his paramedic training. I admire him. I trust him. I’m voting for him.”

Pamela Walker, Yellow Point Blues (retired)

It’s hard to show who someone is with a few simple photos

… but we can give it a try.

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  • Hot Issues in Area H
    What are your concerns? Ben wants to listen and learn. Send your thoughts or questions to Ben HERE, and he will get in touch. The CVRD’s Budget for 2021 The Cowichan Valley Regional District has a budget totalling $100.4 million in 2020, which it uses to support the 178 distinctContinue reading “Hot Issues in Area H”
  • Latest News
    Ben is running against Murray McNab, a much-respected long-time resident and farmer in Yellow Point. We look forward to a fair, open and well-informed contest. Do you want to learn more about Ben and Murray? Here is the video from the Area H Candidates Forum. NEW: Water Security in AreaContinue reading “Latest News”
  • Ben’s Campaign
    Will you join us to help get Ben elected? We need volunteers to put up signs, and to call people. If you are able to volunteer, please contact us. We also need to raise funds to pay for campaign election expenses. You can contribute through our GoFundMe page. Note –Continue reading “Ben’s Campaign”